10 Hardest Would You Rather Questions (Personality Test)

If you want to know more about your personality, this is the test hopefully you won’t ever have to face these choices in your life. Remember, to be honest, while answering this 10 Impossible would you rather questions. Count how many times you chose A and how many times B. You will find out what it means at the end of the article.


Let’s start…

1. Would You Rather… Find the love of your life Or Win the lottery for 10 million dollars?

2. Would You Rather… Legally change your name to Adolf Hitler Or Never eat dessert again?

3. Would You Rather… Have no internet Or No friends?

4. Would You Rather…  To be lied to Or To lie to others?

5. Would You Rather…  kill yourself to save others life Or kill all others to save your own life?

6.Would You Rather…  Suffer from Parkinson10 Hardest’s disease Or Kill ten kittens?

7. Would You Rather… Give up your favorite TV show for a year Or only eat ketchup for a week?

8.Would You Rather… Know exactly when you are going to die Or how you are going to die?

9. Would You Rather… Be able to see into the future Or to be able to change the past?

10. Would You Rather… Fela coupe smell all day that nobody else can smell Or Smell like poop and not be knowing it?

Now, here is what it all means based on your answers. Time to count how many A’s or B’s you got?  If you entered ‘A’ more times than ‘B’. Then congratulations, you happen to be a very selfless person. You really like to focus on others, and a well-being of those around you is very important to you. But if you answered mostly B you tend to be a little more selfish than others. You tend to put the well-being of others on the second place. It’s you first than anyone else second.

Well, how did you score? What type of person are you? Let us know in the comment section.