101 Never Have I Evers For Terrible People

Never Have I Evers For Terrible People (2)

Never Have I Ever is possibly one of the most entertaining games ever. Except when it comes time to actually coming up with things you’ve never done — which concurrently allows you to feel uncreative, for not being able to think of anything, and like a horrible person, because well, you keep thinking of all the bad things you’ve done. Personally, I hate when people get weirdly specific “Never have I ever done any drugs tougher than bud.” That individual can shut up the fuck. And the man who has never “had sex with a lot more than ten people”? That’s not even fucking grammatical. That’s an “I ‘ve n’t not an “I’ve never I digress. The worst person, possibly, is the one saying silly shit that no one in the room has ever done. “Never have I ever been in a porno. Never have I shot heroin.” Yeah, fucking duh. That man should be removed. If you no one puts a finger down and say something, you will need to drink and go again.

So what’s left? Below are some fairly creative Never Have when you’re on the spot I Evers. Some of these are things most folks have undoubtedly done, so it’s not bad to get your nemesis plus some are probably only shit you’ve n’t done, but someone in the room has. Don’t worry, they make you a bad person. No one cares about the guy who says he’s never been to Starbucks, or the girl who’s never seen a shooting star.

would you rather

Never Have I Ever’s

Kissed someone who doesn’t talk English
Seen an uncircumcised penis IRL
Flashed my tits/streaked/been nude in public
Crept out of a guy’s house
Drugs that are bought
Distressed chicken cutlets
Gone braless
Had sex in my own parents’ house
Had sex overseas/in another nation
Had sex in [nearby state/city]
Drank Everclear
Drank Absinthe
Specified road head
Road head that is received
Had a threesome
Had a foursome
Hooked up with greater than one individual in a week
Hooked up within 24 hours with greater than one man in a night/
Shot a cumshot
Smoked a cigar
Thrown up at a bar
Made out with a bartender/bouncer
Given a rim job
Received a rim job
Place my finger in someone’s bottom
Had a finger within my butt
Showered with someone
Had interval sex
Done role play
Saw pornography (alone, with someone)
Body shots
Shaved last-minute at a guy’s house
Hooked up with someone in [ name a frat]
Hooked up with someone
Hooked up with the sportsman
Pegged someone/been pegged
Had sex with someone more than five times
Used a vibrator
Used a vibrator (or other toy) with a partner
Gone to your sex shop
Distressed lingerie for someone
Hooked up with someone more than five years old (10 years older, 20, etc)
Hooked up with someone more or five years younger
Wet the bed
Wet the bed with someone in it
Called someone the wrong name during a hookup
Flirted my way from a ticket
Had parents walk in on me during sex
Had a roommate walk in on me during sex
Hooked up with someone for booze
Gone to class drunk
Gone to class stoned
Kissed at the very top of the ferris wheel
Let someone go down on me if I haven’t showered
Used someone for sex
Hooked up with a friend’s sibling
Kissed someone of the same sex
Done drugs at a pub
Had sex in water (hot tub, swimming pool, natural water)
Taken Adderall
Sent a nude
Hooked up
Called someone “Daddy” in bed
Been set up with someone
Been tied up
Done any BDSM
Had an STD (HPV counts, suckers)
Lied to someone to get them into bed (name, age, imitation emphasis, etc)
Drunk cried
Strike someone/been in a fight
Slipped out of my parents’ house
Been detained/been in the back of a cop car
Cheated on someone
Been the other woman
Never Have I Evers For Terrible People
Gotten whiskey dick
Taken a beast cock down
Gone to a strip club
Lost knickers at someone’s house
Passed out in public
Been kicked out of a pub
Ghosted someone
Gone commando
Sexted the wrong man
Taken Plan B
Gotten a dick pic
Pro-tip: tally how many of these you’ve done if you’re a person that is bad to see! Enjoyable!

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